Einmal ohne, bitte

A label for waste free shopping

shops already take part.

Our Aims

The Label “Einmal ohne, bitte” aims to avoid packaging waste in shopping and takeaway. Shops and restaurants are rendered visible that offer baked goods, cheese, meat and other food and non-food products without their usual packaging. Our project evolves around a sticker with the slogan “Einmal ohne, bitte” (translates as “Can I have it as is, please?”) that can be found at the shop entry or counter.It displays businesses that offer unpacked goods, which are gladly put in your brought along container or bag.

The sticker is accompanied by guide material for distributors and caterers as well as web offers for customers. An interactive online map on our website gives a good overview of participating businesses for example, and on Instagram and Facebook we regularly deliver news on package free shopping and related topics. Furthermore, spreading out our initiative to other cities and regions is in development and highly anticipated.

Our Map

To make waste free shopping a breeze we keep record of partnering shops and restaurants with a online map. It will continuously be updated and aims to help find you distributors in your neighborhood.

What are the project`s benefits for...

...distributors and caterer

Offering and selling unpacked items in the retail industry and catering trade is being simplified. As we provide personell behind the counter with guide material about customer brought containers´ Do`s and Don`ts, the service quality is raised by increased knowledge. You are a distributor or caterer und already offer products or food without packaging? Take the chance to spread the word easily by registering in our map. We are looking forward to your message!

...the customers

Through our label customers are able to discover alternative shopping possibilities in their neighbourhood. The sticker is clearly visible and creates a comfort zone for customers to use their own container for food and other items without feeling embarrassed.These positive experiences lead to a higher motivation to keep up waste free shopping.Additionally, the amount of waste in customers` homes is being reduced and from a long-term perspective, effort and cost for garbage disposal decreased.

..the environment

Marine plastic, microplastic in our bodies, contamination from oil extraction and consumption of valuable resources: by reducing paper and plastic waste we contribute to sustaining our precious habitat and raising the quality of life of succeeding generations.With our campaign we and all participating distributors, caterer and customers support the United Nation`s Sustainable Development Goals: 12 (responsible consumption and production), 13 (climate action), 14 and 15 (life below water and on land) as well as 17 (partnerships for the goals).

Did you know that...?

  • ... 18,2 billion tons of packaging waste were produced in Germany in 2016?
  • ...42.000 tons of lightweight packaging accumulate in Munich alone per year?
  • ...the use of plastic packaging has been doubled since 1995?
  • ...the amount of service packaging as cheese wrapping, bread bagstakeaway boxes had been increased by 40 percent since 2000?

Photographer: Zsofia Mia Molnar

About us

The Label “Einmal ohne, bitte” was initiated by the Munich based public charity rehab republic e.V. This collaborative and creative community raises awareness for a sustainable development. It researches energy- and resource conscious lifestyle concepts while supporting ideas, projects and folks: From cooking parties to prevent food waste, humorous postcards to dancing through the city. Want to learn more about us and our activities? Head over to our webseite!