Is there an overview of businesses that support waste free shopping or takeaway?

Businesses that participate in the initiative “Einmal ohne, bitte” are on display in our map and list. What`s your neighbourhood shopping spot? If your favourite store or restaurant doesn`t show up, tell us.

We also support spontaneous shopping, because sometimes you`re hungry while being out and about: With a clean backup tote bag in your rucksack stopping by at the bakery is a breeze for you!

Is waste free shopping more expensive than conventional shopping?

There are no extra costs as you`ll get to use your own containers. You probably have Tupperware and lunch boxes laying around in your home. Cleaned out jars and bottles from yogurt or tomato sauce can also come in handy.

Are there extra costs for distributors and caterers that offer waste free shopping?

The opposite is the case: By decreasing the amount of used packaging material you will save money as a vendor.

How can a shop or restaurant be a part of “Einmal ohne, bitte”?

You are an interested shop owner? Use our form to easily get in touch with us. We get back as fast as possible!

What does “Einmal ohne, bitte” aim for?

The initiative`s goal is to spread package-free shopping in supermarkets, restaurants, sandwich bars and more, while decreasing the use of paper and plastic by encouraging customers to bring their own packaging.

Through what means does our initiative support package-free shopping?

- “Einmal ohne, bitte” renders businesses visible that accept customer-brought packaging, e.g. all kinds of shops and restaurants with takeaway food.
- Customer can take a look at our interactive online map that displays waste free shopping possibilities in their neighbourhood.
- If you`re a distributor, caterer or employee we will provide you with guide material to point out pitfalls that come with customer-brought packaging. 

Besides avoiding trash – what other advantages do I have as a caterer or distributor?

  • By taking part in our initiative “Einmal ohne, bitte” you`ll gain more attention with your business: new customers that are interested in waste free shopping and takeaway will notice you through our online map and list and social media presence.
  • This also works on-site: Our sticker and stand-up display will spotlight your offer and support on waste free shopping and takeaway.
  • As a distributor and caterer you can exhibit your environmental responsibility and future by being part of our initiative. You meet customers` desires, raise your service quality and save costs on packaging material you don`t need to use.   

How do I shop waste free?

You are encouraged to bring jars, bags or boxes that you find at home. If not, there are a bunch of vendors for glass- and stainless steel containers.

Who`s behind the initiative “Einmal ohne, bitte”?

- The project is initiated by the Munich based public charity rehab republic e.V. The registered society engages in a more sustainable community, with interactive formats and a lot of joy.
- The concept development was supported by the Department for Health and Environment of the city of Munich.
- Further supporters for the project realization are warmly welcomed any time!

What kind of container is recommended for waste free shopping or takeaway?

There are endless possibilities, e.g. sealable jars, tote bags, Tupperware or stainless steel lunch boxes. You don`t necessarily have to buy new containers as there might be suitable ones around your house.

In this article various container types are being discussed.

If you`re still up for a new container, have a look at your local waste free shop or organic store.

How does shopping or takeaway work without creating waste?

  1. Bring your own containers to the shop or restaurant of your choice. (see also: What kind of container is recommended…)
  2. Ask the personel to put the product or food into your container.
  3. Check out and delight in your admirable environmental act!
  4. After enjoying  your product, clean out your container and you`re ready for your next shopping trip.

Unfortunately, I was not able to shop packing-free at a store that is part of EOB. What can I do?

We maintain in close contact with our participating businesses in order to facilitate a seamless unpackaged-shopping experience. However, in rare cases it might not be possible to shop with your own container e.g. due to staff change. Please note that facilitation of unpackaged-shopping always falls within the responsibility of business owners and/or their employees. Neither rehab republic e.V. nor the official “Einmal ohne, bitte”-label ambassadors bear any responsibility in that regard. Please let us know which shop is concerned and we will work on a solution with the person in charge.


How do these hygienic guidelines look like?

We have compiled hygienic rules and legal advice on a short leaflet for you to check.